The EHC aims to encourage and create an environment in which Big Data can be leveraged to help create value in every field to improve society and enterprises through the studying of Hadoop systems and applications.

EHC 2015 is back again and we are calling for contestants to team up with partners who are highly talented and experienced with Hadoop. If you have the skills for Hadoop Big Data application and software development, then hurry up, team up, and register for EHC 2015. Over 400,000 NTD in cash prizes at your Hadoop finger tips in the final-round competition. This is an amazing opportunity to meet up with top Hadoop elites

This is a “real” application programming competition. The dataset given to the contestants will be from an actual e-commerce store.

Registration is now open. If you are skillful in Hadoop Big Data application and Hadoop software development, you are cordially invited to team up and join this distinguished Hadoop Big Data competition. Registration deadline is April 15th, 2015.

Are you ready for this year’s big data challenge? This year will be a “real” application programming competition. You might want to team up with partners who are highly talented in data processing and analytics because, in this challenge, it’s not only about statistics, but you have to also predict the outcome of the transaction records.

EHC 2015 Competition Content—Big Data Prediction for E-commerce

First Challenge in Competition:
Use an e-commerce store’s past data within a restricted system and generate a list that accurately ranks the most popular goods sold. This is an end-to-end solution requiring contestants starting from dataset preprocessing and data structuring to data statistics.

Final Challenge in Competition:
Build a sales prediction model pertinent to goods within the Hadoop Ecosystem using a larger dataset amount that consists of online browsing and a history of recorded sales. The whole point of this challenge is to accurately predict the sale of goods under the constraint of limited system resources and to create this model within the shortest time period possible.


Cash Prize:NT$200,000
Medal/per member

Student Team

Cash Prize:NT$200,000
Medal/per member

* Each eligible team participant who competes and wins in the final competition will
receive a medal and be allotted a portion of the champion team prize.

James Chen
Technical Consultant at Etu

Jazz Wang
Principal Architect and Hadoop Evangelist at Etu

Craig Chao
TData Scientist at Vpon

Yi-Kai Tsai
Senior Manager at YAHOO!

David Chiu
CEO at LargitData

First Challenge in Competition

4/16-30, 2015

Final Contestants’ List Announced

5/8, 2015

Final Challenge in Competition

5/9-6/12, 2015

Presentations and Awards Ceremony for EHC Winners

6/27, 2015

The primary concept of this competition is application analytics. IT capability is secondary. This is about encouraging contestants to leverage different software within the Hadoop ecosystem to attain optimized results. The contestants have to design a numerical model to predict the ranking of the best selling products. The criteria for winning is based on how accurate each team’s predictions match the transaction results. The judging criteria also includes efficiency in computing to reduce the operational cost.

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